Company Objectives

Oakridge Management Company is committed to strong tenant relations, timely rent collection, efficiently controlling operating costs and maintaining accurate accounting, reporting and communications with the owners.

To achieve these objectives, Oakridge Management Company engages in a variety of activities which combine hands-on real estate management experience with the latest skills and procedures available in the industry.

Tenant Relations

Tenant relations are of utmost importance. Our company's philosophy emphasizes face-to-face contact with the tenants on an ongoing basis. These strong relationships help to minimize tenant turnover; which translates to a savings in leasing commissions, tenant improvement costs, and loss of rent.

Upon taking over the management of a project, we meet with each tenant so we can establish a positive rapport with each one and gain an insight into and address each tenant's needs and concerns.

Rent Collection

Obviously, rent collection is paramount to the success of any income producing property. Our efficient management staff prides itself on timely collection of rent.

Operating Costs

Oakridge Management Company has assembled an impressive pool of locally based, professional and competitive vendors from which to choose. Our long term relationships with these vendors provides our owners with the highest level of service at the most competitive rates. Our vendors are familiar with the high caliber of work we expect. A competitive rate has been established through our long-term relationship with these vendors.

Maintenance Staff

In order to respond to daily maintenance needs, we have people on staff that are designated specifically for this purpose. We have developed a regular maintenance schedule for each of the properties in our portfolio. This schedule allows for a timely response to maintenance needs and preventative maintenance, while keeping flexibility in our maintenance schedule.

Accounting Systems

Our accounting system is fully automated and provides our owners with accurate reporting on a timely basis. The flexibility of our system allows us to change or modify all or a portion of our accounting package to meet the requirements of owner; and just as important - it is understandable!

Market Knowledge

From managing properties and our relationships with the brokerage community, we have access to all current market conditions, e.g.,. comparable rental rates, lease terms and conditions, so we can obtain the best deals in the marketplace..

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